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Fresh Market

Our market gives your location the ability to feature an on-site full-service convenience market with attractive fixtures, self-checkout kiosks, and a full security system. The result is better selection, happier personnel and improved productivity & morale. The centerpiece of a Fresh Market is Fresh Food.

Our markets boost morale and employee satisfaction by expanding prepared food and beverage choices directly inside the workplace.


Unlike standard vending or other workplace markets, our salads, sandwiches, entrees & snacks are prepared in our kitchens by our skilled chefs and delivered directly to your location. Our markets are ‘grab and go’ and feature one of the fastest self-service checkouts in the industry.

Why Choose Fresh Market?

Fresh & Accessible Food

Our Fresh Food Program includes Chef Prepared Salads, Sandwiches, Fresh Fruits, Snacks, and Heat & Serve Entrees

Secure Payments

Our markets accept all major credit/debit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay through a PCI Compliant Pay Kiosk or Koin ‘Wallet’ App

'Better for You' Options

'Better for You' introduces healthier options designed to promote overall health nutrition decisions

Custom Market Footprints

We complete custom designs and 3D renderings in advance of each market to ensure the market is suited to your location

Custom Project Inventory

We customize each market stock from over 400+ Beverage, Snack, and ‘Grab & Go’ items as well as Amenity & Convenience products

Safety First

Our HACCP/NRA Serve-Safe Certified Chefs and trained Field Operators work to maintain a certified cold chain ensuring food safety